Molly + Bryan - Flagstaff, AZ Wedding

I first received and e-mail from Molly which immediately peaked my interest as they said they could help me cross THREE things off my bucket list.  The three items were: a wedding that is a surprise for guests, an elopement and a wedding in Flagstaff.  I’m thankful for the forces in the universe brought them to me and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Their wedding was full of inspiration for me shooting in a new environment, a place that is literally off the beaten path made a beautiful place for their love story to unfold. 

Here’s Bryan story of how he proposed to Molly around Valentine’s Day time, “Molly was working late, and I wanted to surprise her, so before she got home I made a flower collar for our (only) dog at the time, Kip. Knowing he would be the first to greet her when she got home. I laid out a trail of rose petals lined with those candy conversation hearts and candles from the front door to the bedroom. (Molly LOVES conversation hearts like no one I've ever met) On the bed were flowers and a list of reasons why I loved her. She loved it!! We cuddled for a bit and then I nonchalantly asked her if she could get something out of my jacket that was hanging on the chair in the room. She dug around for a while and found a candy heart that said "Marry Me?" she turned around and I held up a picture of a ring. (I Let her pick her own later it's not THAT bad) She said "are you serious?!" I smiled and she said "UH, YES!" Once she'd picked out a ring, I did the proper thing and gave my speech, got on one knee... and nailed a second "yes."”

They were married on their beautiful hiking trail, called Aspen Corner located in Flagstaff, AZ.  Bryan got there early and decorated the area with gorgeous paper pom poms and a heart shaped wreath.  The wedding bouquet Molly held was made up of dried roses that Bryan had given her thought out the years, how sweet is that!  They had also prepared a picnic lunch for everyone and cupcakes to celebrate.  The beautiful thoughtfulness that went into their planning showed their love for one another.  Molly’s mother officiated the wedding and it was just as they wanted.  Congratulations to Molly and Bryan.