How to pin a boutonniere?

One of the most asked questions while getting ready

It is amazing just how many things go on behind the scenes of a wedding day. One of the many things that myself and my team will help with is how to attach a boutonniere?! It's only worn on special occasions, so it's no doubt that they are not sure how to attach it. But, no fear, we can help the men in the wedding party.

You will need the following depending on the size of the flower(s): one man in his suit, two long pins, and the flower! Now, gently holding his LEFT lapel with the button hole, place the flower below the top button hole. Still holding the flower on the lapel carefully start pushing the pin from the underside of the lapel to the topside of the lapel, grabbing the flower stem with the pin. Carefully push the pin through to the underside again so the pin is not visible from the top. Repeat the above with a second pin so there is more stability.

Here's a great, simple video by: Snippet & Ink