Alexandra & Matthew - Phoenix Rooftop Wedding


Our next wedding shoot brought us to gorgeous Phoenix, Arizona for a lovely rooftop, sunset wedding that floored both the bride and the groom, their wedding party and group of guests. The bride, Alexandra and groom, Matthew, joined together in marriage on a sunlit-covered rooftop of the building in which their grandparents reside. This was a small sentiment, but one that truly spoke volumes about the importance of family to the bride and groom.

When we first met Alexandra to discuss photography, she explained that her wedding theme color was to be coral. We agreed that it was the perfect color to bring out against a deep sunset. On the day of the wedding, we knew Alexandra was right: the colors couldn’t have been more perfect. The ceremony was expertly timed: the wedding coordinator had done her research to find the exact time of the sunset on the day Alexandra and Matthew were to be married. Promptly at 7:15pm, all of the guests ascended to the rooftop and assembled to watch the bride and groom wed as the sun descended against a crystal clear Phoenix skyline.

The preparation procedures took place in Alexandra’s grandparent’s condo where she sat for hair and makeup along with the other members of her wedding party and members of her family. We loved watching the process of not only Alexandra getting ready, but the smaller members of her family playing with makeup and enjoying the big day just as much as the bride was.

Downtown Phoenix Wedding

Along with coral, Alexandra’s love for lace was apparent. White lace was the detail that was echoed throughout all parts of the wedding, from her incredible dress with a beautiful corset bodice, to her shoes. Her flower girls also worse beautiful white dresses, again with hints of coral and green ribbon; the colors aligned perfectly with the sunset theme.

My favorite part of this wedding was witnessing Alexandra and Matthew’s First Look. The industrial look of the staircases and the rough cobblestone in front of the condominium building provided the perfect contrast to Alexandra’s clean and simply beautiful wedding style. From Alexandra’s very glamorous strapless white dress to the very traditional tuxedo for the groom, it was clear that both the bride and groom enjoyed the details of the wedding to be classy. The focus of the wedding day was on sharing the celebration of their love with their daughter, friends and family.

Downtown Phoenix Wedding