The Windmill Winery Wedding Photography


As I drove out to the Windmill Winery, I watched the sky change. It was rainy in the morning, which is unusual for Arizona. But, then the skies cleared up and the bright blue that I'm used to flourished in the sky. As the bride happily got dressed for the best day of her life, clouds started to roll in, the trees blew in the breeze and the air turned cool. As the wonderful wedding planner pulled me aside and mentioned the impending storm. We looked at each for a second... The wedding planner mentioned a first look and it was in this moment that we captured the most amazing photos at a moment's notice.

Now, I know that many do not want a first look and I am totally agreeable to that. I personally didn't do a first look so I am A-OK if the bride and groom don't want one. But, in this instance it worked out so gracefully and the images that were capturing during this time warmed my heart.

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