Jessica & Mike's Wedding - Downtown Phoenix


Downtown Phoenix Wedding As far as Phoenix weddings go, Mike and Jessica couldn’t have chosen a better venue than the City of Grace Church for their wedding ceremony and The Hyatt Hotel for their wedding reception. The beautiful, late Saturday morning laid the foundation for a fine selection of special moments to be photographed, forming just part of the 8-hour time frame during which ample opportunity for perfect wedding shots was afforded. Proceedings got off to a great start at 11:45 a.m., with the pre-ceremony spirit of the wedding captured through the separate getting-ready photographs of both the bride and groom. The first-look photo session soon followed, with the bride and groom taking portraits together, right before the ceremony which was scheduled to last an hour. With 12 direct participants in the wedding party itself, everybody’s role in the special day was expertly captured as part of the wedding’s photographic timeline, while the essence of the event’s overall feel was captured through the shots of the 150+ guests in attendance. From just one look at the wedding’s snaps, the simple, elegant, traditional, and community focused style immediately becomes apparent, with the ivory, coral and biscotti color scheme breathing life and character into all photographic opportunities. The professionally-done indoor hotel décor made for the perfect backdrop against which the reception played out, which was preceded by some special traditions that included a grand entry, cake cutting and a characteristic first dance, all of which were captured beautifully.

The family group portraits were shot at the City of Grace Church, with few outside and most in the main sanctuary, featuring a comprehensive number of different combinations.


Downtown Phoenix Wedding Photography